ADHD Coaching/Organizational Skills

Coaching is a collaborative process in which client and coach meet regularly to  help the client reach goals.  There are different kinds of coaches including life coaches.  I specialize in ADD/ADHD coaching.  Sessions are hands-on and focused on identifying goals and putting into place specific steps towards achieving these goals.  Coaches devise specific strategies for each client to help them overcome obstacles and achieve goals.  ADD/ADHD coaching sessions are structured, goal-driven, and are focused on helping the client live a more fulfilling and happy life.  Coaching is seen as holistic process where coaches monitor different areas of a client’s life including work productivity, home environment, financial management, exercise, sleep, and social activity.  A coach will help to identify how ADD/ADHD affects a client’s life, and tailor strategies to help maximize motivation and overcome obstacles.  Clients usually meet with coaches weekly for a 50-minute session and the coach will check-in via quick emails between sessions to check on progress made on goals. Many clients find coaching to be helpful and feel a sense of empowerment and confidence in achieving goals.

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